There is no more exciting sound on planet Earth than that of the high-pitch “whirling” of a nicely-made cast and then the “Ker Plunk” of a lure or bobber hitting the water. It is iconic. This is true for both seasoned anglers and small fry who are just getting started with the lifetime sport of fishing.

In the master-planned community of Creekshaw, located in the quiet, historic town of Royse City, the fishing hole is just a few steps from the backdoors of residents. One of the truly fun amenities of this beautiful spot in North Texas is the community fishing pond. Surrounded by lush landscaping, this is the perfect spot for mothers, fathers, or grandparents to show kids just how cool fishing is.

Getting a child excited about fishing is all about parents and grandparents having patience. It also entails getting some simple and inexpensive gear that is designed for young arms and strength and almost no experience with “wetting a line.”

How To Teach a Kid to Fish

Teaching a kid to fish involves the art of storytelling and hands-on experience. As with any learning experience, success in fishing for kids will typically lead to lots of laughter, excitement, and even more success. For those kids who are lucky enough to live or visit Creekshaw, the weather is almost perfect – save for a couple of months in winter – for year-round fishing. 


According to Fatherly , a wonderful website for teaching kids the “essential” skills for having fun outdoors, “the best time to start a kid fishing is always the autumn. It’s the season with the most comfortable weather, and the fish are on the feed, which provides a more exciting outing for screen-dependent youths

“The best fishing poles for kids facilitate casting, are reciprocal to the child’s own miniature dimensions, and often include a few hooks to spare, affording for the inevitable snags and break-offs. But there’s more to the best kids fishing poles than just numbers and features; the tackle represents a portal to outdoor adventures, as well as the quality time between you and your child and a lifetime of lessons.”

The editors of the site tracked down fishing expert Hernan Santiesteban. “When introducing kids to fishing, focus on making the experience as positive as possible — and be patient with the initial interest level. If you can incorporate other activities like swimming or boating, great because the progress on the fishing side might be slow at first. Second, don’t get too intimidated by all the jargon and gear out there — you can have an amazing day on the water (and still catch a lot of fish) with a basic setup. Start with finding a good kid’s fishing pole. 

“When choosing a kid’s fishing rod, pay attention to length. It should be just long enough for your little angler to handle it with ease, so about 3-4 feet in length. And because kids break stuff, get them rods made of graphite, fiberglass, and composite blends, so you won’t need to replace them every month.

“For toddlers, consider a “no-tangle” kids fishing rod with a line that runs inside the shaft rather than along the exterior via stubborn metal eyelets. For kids in the four to six range, think about a rod with a closed-face, push-button “spin-cast” design — this will teach your child a modified but effective casting technique. For coordinated seven-year-olds and above, the sky’s the limit as long as they’re willing to put up with the occasional few minutes of frustration. But hey, that’s fishing.”

The great thing about getting fishing equipment suitable for boys and girls is the price. Well-made, kid-friendly rods, reels, and all of the hooks, bobbers, and other “stuff” that kids LOVE, can range from $15 to $40.

For younger kids, Fatherly suggests:

Zebco Splash Kids Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo 29″ Durable Floating Fiberglass Rod with Tangle-Free Design, Oversized Reel Handle Knob, Pre-Spooled with 6-Pound Zebco Fishing Line.

Price: $14,99 on Amazon

Kid Casters Orange Edition Complete Fishing Kit This telescoping spin-cast package from Kid Casters. Besides a few basic lures and a tackle box, the kit also includes a variety of training aids, including a casting plug, a plastic safety hook, and three sponge lures.

Price: $30 from Dick’s Sporting Goods

Shakespeare’s Catch a Monster Spincast Kids Combo, With playful graphics and a big button for easy casting, spin-cast combos like this one are perfect for real fishing. The finger guard keeps little digits out of harm’s way, and it comes with a plastic minnow so your kid can practice launching man-sized casts into the middle of the lake.

Price: $14.99 from Bass Pro Shops

A Paradise for Kids

Family activities such as fishing is just one of the many outdoor “attractions” of Creekshaw. This place is a paradise for kids! Plus, the exemplary Royse City schools take care of the non-fishing side of your small fry’s brain.


Don’t let this big one get away! Creekshaw is just one of those places where childhood memories are made. Click here and come see why they’re always biting at this family-friendly community.